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As an artist he has been a part of collective shows, and 15 as a solo artist.

“Isla del encanto” “Rejas”
“PR  Killers”
“Guerrilla PR”
“De Todo Como Botica”

Charrón has presented his work in Dominical Republic,
NYC, Miami Florida, San Francisco California,
San Juan Puerto Rico and Paris, France.

2003 has his fist solo show titled“Loíza+Calle”
that deals with the topic of gentrificacion in Loiza St where he grew up.

2008 “Tras Rejas”
is an art instalation  that gathered people from Trastalleres community in San Juan Puerto Rico
featuring photos of security gates in juxtaposition  side by side another photo with the gate closed.

2010 “Guerrilla PR”
is a tribute  to the work of artist that have made a difference in a positive way.
Abey shot photos of them covering their  faces like guerrilla soldiers.

2011 founded his own gallery “Galeria Casa Jeferson”
with ties with the Santuce community,
A project to give upcoming artists a space to flourish.

2014 Charróns mural “Niños trabajando por Puerto Rico”
featured in street art festival “Santuce es Ley” became viral and iconic of  the struggle and hardship of our island.

2016 “De Todo Como Botica” NYC st show
Gathered a group of photos from Puerto Rico traditonal farm market
and took them to the “Marqueta” In New York were it established a connection with the puertorrican “diaspora”.

2017 “Loiza Brinca” mural
Change one of Loiza street most popular corner from an abandoned building to a positive icon.
The puertorican flag wraps the structure, sillohuettes of kids jumping made this piece something to smile about.
changing a negative space to a positive.



Abey excellent eye for locations findings is one of Puerto Rico’s best keep secret. He has been scouting for more than 50 projects including films, tv series and commercials.

Fine Art Crafting

The use of non traditional media & materials and  his printing techniques give Abey's pieces a one of kind patina that make his work very collectible.


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